Maguire Kenny & Associates is not your typical consulting firm. We take great pride in partnering with our clients in order to consistently deliver measurable, lasting results.
Maguire Kenny & Associates is a well respected privately held business resource that helps small to mid-sized independently owned business owners thrive and prosper in the best or worst of economic climates.

Our company is comprised of only the most seasoned professionals with an average business acumen spanning over thirty years. Our practical applied expertise ranges the full gamut from Finance to Operations, Succession Planning to Sales and Marketing to Human Resources and much much more.

We have worked with a broad variety of business’ including:

Building Contractors
Electrical Contactors  Plumbers

Construction Companies
Event Companies 
Logistic Companies
Fitness Companies
Drug Companies
Building Suppliers

As well as many other classes of trade

Our success rate is unrivaled within our industry. We have consistently delivered a minimum of a Three to One Return on Investment and frequently much more. We earn each clients respect and admiration by identifying and correcting their issues and concerns, educating and training their staff, building and achieving new and improved sales and marketing plans and delivering on our analysis, projections and observations.

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